What are CFDs?

CFD’s or Contracts for Difference enable the investor to trade on the change in price of an underlying instrument, without having to buy the actual financial product.

CFD’s provide leveraged investing on a wide selection of instruments. Lidyafx offers a broad selection of  CFD’s, including commodities, such as Gold, Silver, Oil, and a variety of agricultural

instruments, like wheat, sugar and many more.

What are the Benefits of CFDs Trading?

 CFD’s trading offers you the opportunity to diversify your investments and take advantage of various trading conditions, benefiting from market movements on a range of product types.

 When trading CFD’s it is possible to gain from market fluctuations in either direction. Investors can earn from successful trades at any time, without having to wait for market conditions to ripen, since they can buy or sell the instrument depending on whether it is going up or down in value.

 CFD’s trading offers leverage, which significantly boosts an investor’s online trading power to up to a hundred times the original investment.

 You can trade CFD’s 24 hours a day on a vast range of global markets including a broad range of indices, bonds, oil, precious metals, stocks and more.

Why Trade CFD’s with Lidya Forex?

Our highly competitive trading terms include:

Leverage from 1:200

 Low margin requirements of 2%-5%

 24 hour expert live support- in your language

 Tight spreads on a vast array of instruments